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  Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Europeís TPD: New Tobacco Regs Coming to the European Union

The European Unionís revised Tobacco Products Directive (aimed at much tougher regulations on the sale, marketing, advertising and presentation of cigarettes throughout the EU) could and should become law this year, perhaps as early as April. However, State-specific ratifications and other factors may make for staggered implementation across the EU.

Will Importers See Regulatory Parity with the EU & the US?

Importers of tobacco products into the United States and the European Union have to know and understand a multitude of new laws or be in violation - resulting in fines, seizures of products, and potential criminal prosecution against individuals and corporations.

Tobacco: Where The Terribly Disruptive Thrive...
Tobacco Products International's Editor, Murdoch McBride, comments on current industry trends...

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